The Reading Pile

Here’s what I’m reading and what I think so far:

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards (obtained through is the story of a doctor who is forced to deliver his own twins during a snow storm in 1964.  His son is born perfectly healthy, but his daughter is born with Down’s Syndrome.   In order to spare his wife the emotional and mental trauma, he instructs his nurse to take the baby to a local institution and tells his wife that the girl died in childbirth.  The nurse disappears from town to raise the child as her own.

I’m about a fourth of the way through this book.  So far this is a struggle to stay with but I’m going to attribute this feeling to a lack of fiction in my life for several  months.

Turning Controversy into Church Ministry: A Christ-Like Response to Homosexuality by W. P. Campbell.  I received a galley of this book from Zondervan Publishing as part of their blogging book review program.  I’m far from being done with reading this book.  It’s not an easy read and could not get a review posted in the time frame the publisher provided.  I also don’t know if I’ll post a review on line since I have dear friends on both sides of this issue.

I will say that this is the book that I’ve been looking for as a Christian.  For the past couple of years I have looked for resources that could help me understand both sides of this issue.  I don’t know anything about the author (I hope to remedy that) but I do appreciate his writing about this controversial issue without the hate speech.

66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb

I received this book through Thomas Nelson Publisher’s book review blogging program, “Book Sneeze”      which is a wonderful program.  If you blog and like to read, I can’t emphasize how easy the program is to use  from start to finish and there are a great selection of titles to choose from.

Again, this is another book that I’m not finished with nor will I be in quite some time.  The publisher encourages a book review to be blogged about in a fairly quick amount of time but in this case, the author is encouraging the reader to take a year to STUDY this book along side their Bible.  A bit of a conflict there. 🙂

I look forward to having this book as a study companion.  Dr. Crabb is encouraging all of us to look at the Bible as 66 individual love letters from our Creator.  Each chapter is devoted to one book from the Bible.  I’m hoping to find out what God intends me to glean from Leviticus and 1st and 2nd Chronicles.

Less Clutter, Less Noise by Kem Meyer, the Communications Director at Granger Community Church.  (

I bought this book from Amazon after I heard Ms. Meyer at TheNines conference in September.  I’m fascinated with with ways churches can communicated within their congregation and within the community.  Since I’m pretty sure no one is reading my blog, I feel safe in saying I harbor secret aspirations in studying communication and moving into that field one day.  And, you guessed it, I just started reading this book. If you don’t read the book, check out Ms. Meyer’s website I think you’ll be fascinated with her ideas, much like I am.

I found out about Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belskey through a tweet from the Creative Arts Department at North Point Church in Georgia.  Actually, now that I think about it, several churches have been tweeting about this book and are making it required reading for their Creative Arts and Worship Arts departments.  So….it’s in my pile.

The author is a productivity expert and founder of Behance.  Behance’s mission is to empower and organize the creative world.  The principles that Belsky will be offering in his book are:

Generate ideas in moderation (more is not better)

Act without conviction to keep momentum and rapidly refine ideas

Encourage fighting within your team (what?!?)

Seek competition; it will boost accountability and strengthen your approach

Reduce bulky projects to just three primary elements

If it’s possible to be creative, productive AND organized, I want to know how.  I’ve always thought that those elements didn’t mix.

I found out about The War of Art by Steven Pressfield through Jon Acuff of  I don’t know this is a book that you read through in one setting.  I tend to go to it when the inner critic starts rearing her ugly head.  I go to it when I need it.

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