Unable To Relax

My family and I have been on vacation this week while my kids are on break from school.  Since this is the first time in over three years that we’re taking time off for no other reason that taking time off, I had been looking forward to this stay/vacation for several months.  In the past, we haven’t been able to afford to go anywhere and vacation time was used for when our sitter was sick (or on vacation), when one of the kids got sick or they had a break from school.

Our finances still doesn’t really allow any room for going anywhere but we were able to budget for some short trips.  On Monday, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (free admission day) and tomorrow we’re leaving for the weekend to visit my sister-in-law and her family.

For reasons I don’t completely understand, I have not enjoyed the time off.  I’ve had a migraine since Tuesday and have been on edge all week.  I think the problem might be that I’ve had too much time to think.

Here’s a brief sampling of the inside of my head this morning:

  • My husband’s going back to school to get his Master’s degree. (Student loans to pay for)
  • Both of our vehicles are worse for wear and one will have to be replaced soon.
  • Will our furnace work this winter or will we have pilot light issues again?
  • Sheldon the Laptop keeps wigging out and giving me the blue screen of death. He’s not even a year old yet.
  • I don’t want to go back to work next week and deal with issues that seem to escalate instead of abate.
  • Each day that goes by represents one day closer of vacation being over.
  • I’ve been working out steadily since May and I’m still pretty rotund.

And it’s not even noon yet.

Are you able to relax when you have time away from your “real” life?

Can you teach me?

2 thoughts on “Unable To Relax

  1. Um, you’re not ROTUND, but that IS just about the most defeating thing ever – working hard should result in immediate visible results. I hate that changing the body works so much differently than, say, changing the living room furniture around.

    What you need to do is round up the full series of some show you’ve always meant to watch but never have, and then just hole up and don’t do anything else. Don’t shower, don’t sleep…only get up for coffee and potty breaks. You’ll get good at lazy real fast.


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