Friday Favorite – A Spoonful Of Sugar

I had the all too brief pleasure of working with Annie and her husband, Aaron, at my church a couple of years ago.  Aaron scared the snot out of me EVERY Thursday night but that’s a post for another time.

Annie is someone I wish I would have gotten to know on a deeper level before she moved to Oregon.  She’s a sweet gal, a deep thinker, an encourager, and an awesome baker/blogger.  She also believes that most of life’s situations can be tied to a Seinfeld episode.

I believe her.

Annie’s blog, A Spoonful of Sugar, is a great blend of life observations and humor, accompanied with photos and recipes of Annie’s latest culinary adventures.  Successes (many) and failures (few).

Check out Annie’s recipes, cooking tips and photos of her latest creations.

Like her Pumpkin Bread. It’s gluten free and you can find the recipe here.

One thought on “Friday Favorite – A Spoonful Of Sugar

  1. I so totally agree about that Annie…beautiful inside and out. Kind of like a good friend that i know..she works at church, has a wonderful husband and is the mother of three awesome boys. Yeah, I love her.

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