Friday Favorite-Stuff Christians Like

(This is my third Friday Favorite post. On Fridays, I post something that’s…well…my favorite! 🙂 These posts are merely my opinion, and nothing more. No compensation was solicited, offered, or received.)

I don’t remember how I first came across Jon Acuff’s blog, Stuff Christians Like, but I was hooked immediately.  As a church-goer and as a church staff member, his observations about the things Christians like are hilarious and accurate without a hint of snark.

Jon Acuff has the gift of humor without being mean.  He’s also pretty insightful on Serious Wednesday.

A book of his most popular blog posts was recently published and if my facts are accurate, I believe it’s in it’s 12th printing.

If you’re a church goer, Acuff really is a must read. He honestly keeps me from taking everything so seriously.  Seeing the humor in life and in ourselves is something that Christians need to improve on.  If church isn’t your thing, give him a try. In a world where Christians don’t always put the Church in the best light, Acuff will make you laugh and reconsider Church.

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