The Cruddy Part of Being A Parent

Most days I’m able to answer my kids questions.  Other days we  “google”  to find the solutions they seek.  But as they get older the questions are getting tougher.  I either can’t answer them or the answer is, “I don’t know.”

I had to tell Skippy I don’t know one day last year when he came home from school.  An older boy beat him up on the way home from school.  I won’t ever claim that my kids are perfect but if I had to pick which one of my kids would get his clock cleaned, Skippy wouldn’t be on the list at all.

After assessing Skippy’s injuries and calming him down, he asked the inevitable question, “Why?”

I had no answers.

Today Meathead came home from an after school project frustrated with a few of his team members. He wanted to know why people couldn’t set aside their own agenda for the sake of the team.  It bothers him that one individual has the potential to bring the whole team down.

Again, I had no answers.

It breaks my heart that day by day their innocence is being replaced by reality.

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion but tonight I’m feeling sad that I can’t provide what they’re looking for.

Have you experienced this? How do you handle it?


2 thoughts on “The Cruddy Part of Being A Parent

  1. Vikki,
    I obviously dont know the situation with your son getting beat up, but it does suck for lack of better term. As someone who was picked on tremendously as a kid, I just learned to try to think I was the better person. Some people just feel that they need to bully others to feel good about themselves, and I always knew I was a better person for “turning the other cheek” I hope he does understand that its nothing he did but was probably in the worng place at the wrong time. For me my size generally kept me out of trouble, but I understand ur son dosent have that tool. I really hope that it dosent happen again, and notthat im advicating fighting but he may need to stand up for himself, bullies useually leave people alone when percieved weakness is gone. Im guessing though since he is your son, he could skillfully use his wit to his advantage

  2. It sucks sometimes. I find that often I feel helpless to explain life to my kids because I’ve never fully figured out the answers to these questions for myself. Well, besides the blanket explanation of sin.

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