Change Of Plans-Fox Family Movie Night Review

Tonight the boys and I watched an online screening  of the second movie in the Walmart-Proctor & Gamble sponsored “Family Movie Night”, entitled “Change of Plans”.

Change of Plans stars American Idol contestant Brooke White and Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show).  You can watch a preview here.

Ms. White plays the role of Sally Danville, an up and coming musician.  She and her husband, Jason, are on the career fast track.  They know exactly where they want to go in life and have no doubts about achieving their goals.  A phone call changes everything. A childhood friend of Sally’s has died tragically in an airplane crash; leaving her four children to Sally and Jason.

The young couple is abruptly faced with a myriad of problems: becoming instant parents, helping the kids (who were raised in Uganda) navigate the cultural shifts of America, and considering other people when making personal decisions.

I enjoyed the premise of this movie but had the same feelings about this as I did with “A Walk In My Shoes“…I just don’t think the full potential for drama and conflict is being mined to it’s full effect. The acting is a bit wooden and it’s just not good storytelling.

That being said, this TV movie accomplishes the goal of family friendly viewing. It’s just not very compelling.

Change Of Plans will air on Fox on Saturday, January 8th.

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