Do You Want Frogs With That? (Relearning The Same Lesson)

Back in November, I wrote about how I was getting back to basics…a rebuilding of my faith framework if you will.  I’m working through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation with Larry Crabb’s 66 Love Letters as my companion.

Three months later I’m almost finished with Exodus.

I’m a slow reader, okay?

Anyway, I’m reading about Moses, Pharaoh and the plagues.  Specifically the frog plague.  Moses tells Pharaoh that God commands that he let the Israelites go free.  Pharaoh and his people have just come through the water turning into blood plague.  Next comes the frogs.  According to Exodus 8, the frogs are everywhere: homes, beds, on people, in their ovens, etc.

Take a moment and picture those bad boys literally everywhere you go.

Pharaoh begs Moses to pray and ask God to take the frogs away.  Moses tells Pharaoh he can pick the day and the time for the frogs to hop away.  Personally, I think I’d say, “Now!” But Pharaoh says, “Tomorrow.”


Why live that way longer than you have to?

And then…I remembered a sermon that John Ortberg preached when he was on staff at Willow Creek Community Church. The congregation was reading through the Old Testament together. (Awesome time in my life. I highly recommend it). Ortberg was teaching on the plagues.

Now bear with me, it’s been over 8 years since I heard this sermon so the details are a bit sketchy but I remember JO asking us what things were we living with that we didn’t have to.  Ortberg pointed out many things people chose to keep around in their lives and basically asked us, “Do you want frogs with that?”

Every time we choose to keep living with an addiction, a behavior…we’re choosing to live with the frogs.

I had just let my mentor know that I hadn’t been making any progress with my weight.  I told her that I just don’t think I care anymore.  She’ll kick my butt on that in due time but in light of remembering what JO preached, I do have to ask myself why am I choosing to live with the frogs.

Yay. More stuff to deal with.

Please tell me I’m not alone. Do you need to have an amphibian eviction?

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