The 60 Minute Money Workout-Book Review and Giveaway!

I’m skeptical of anything that promises success in a certain amount of steps.   “10 Steps To A Successful Marriage” or “6 Easy Ways To Perfect Your Kids By The Weekend”…yeah right.  The steps are usually unrealistic or they never deal with the core of the issue.

However….I may have found a possible exception.

The 60 Minute Money Workout by Ellie Kay (Waterbrook Press) makes the promise that by spending 60 minutes a week working the plan, your finances can get back into shape.

Her premise is simple.  Much like exercising, doing more than 60 minutes per workout will wear you out and you’ll give up.

It’s not about how much time you spend working on money issues; it’s about the quality of that time.”

Kay offers solid advice and I’d like to highlight a few nuggets for you below.

  • Set boundaries before each work out session.
  1. No negativity.
  2. No interrupting.
  3. No name calling.
  4. No throwing food (Hey, it could happen!)
  5. Start positive.
  6. End positive.
  7. Creative an environment that encourages comfort and success.
  8. Workout folders
  9. Time on hand. Stop when 60 minutes is finished.

Kay also does a thorough job of explaining workout elements.

  • Warm Up (Prep for your money workout)
  • Strength Training (Set financial goals)
  • Cardio Burn (Put goals into action)
  • Heart Rate (Measure Financial Performance)
  • Cool Down (Reward Yourself)

There’s also a quiz to determine your money personality.  Are you a spender? A saver? Did you know that there are positives and negatives to both personalities AND it’s important to find a balance between the two?

The author also does a great job in explaining savings options in laymens’ terms.

She wraps up the book with very specific sections:

  • Guide to paying less
  • Guide to travel and fun
  • Allowances
  • Kid Entrepreneur Workout
  • College Plan Workout
  • Home Based Business Workout
  • Couples Workout
  • Giving Guide Workout

Kay’s book may be the first one I’ve seen that helps people figure out why they operate the way they do and help them improve.

I’m happy to give away my copy.  Just leave a comment on what one of your financials goals is for this year and it’s yours.

I received The 60 Minute Money Workout from Waterbrook Press as part of their Books for Bloggers program in exchange for a book review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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