Riven and The Brotherhood-Two Book Reviews

The writing well has been dry for me lately and I decided to listen to the “expert” advice and counter writer’s block by reading a lot.











The past two weeks I’ve read two Jerry Jenkins novels, “Riven” and “The Brotherhood-Precinct 11”.  In the past, I have not been a huge fan of Jerry Jenkins. But I have enjoyed both of these novels in varying degrees.

First “The Brotherhood”: Boone Drake is a Chicago cop whose life is turning out exactly the way he wants.  His life long dream of being a police officer has come to fruition, he has a beautiful wife and son, a great partner, and his career is on the fast track.  Everything is the way it’s supposed to be…until it’s not.

Jenkins has written a great novel for an audience that I think is sorely neglected in Christian fiction.


Boone is a strong, compelling, flawed character.  I think men will resonate with his character and his struggles.  The action is paced well and well written.

Now for “Riven.”

For the first half of “Riven” the reader is following two parallel stories:  Brady Darby, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who’s got a good head on his shoulders, fantastic talent, a little brother he adores, an alcoholic mother and a father who left a long time ago.  Through a lifetime of bad choices, Brady will encounter Pastor Thomas Carey.

Thomas has spent his entire adult life trying to do the right thing and be the best pastor he can be.  Fired by every church he’s worked for, Thomas finds himself as the chaplain on death row, where he meets Brady.

I held my breath reading this novel, just waiting to see how Thomas and Brady’s stories would converge.  Jenkins created very strong characters that the reader will care very deeply about.  Although there is a predictable redemption moment at the end, the journey there is most unexpected.

This novel lingered in my mind for days.  It’s currently free on Amazon for the Kindle so I suggest you hurry and pick this up while it’s at this price.


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