I Spy Moments

2011 hasn’t exactly been a banner year for my family so far.  Work is hard. Finances are so tight they squeak.  Both the hubby and I have taken on second jobs plus it appears that my husband is Superman because he’s also pursuing his Master’s degree and somehow helping me get all the boys where they need to go and no one is running out of clean underwear.

Our furnace and air conditioner died last week. And we just spent a lot of coin on re-roofing our garage.

Yesterday we were in a car accident. No injuries and we’re not at fault but Vlad the Impala is going to need some serious work done.

Rick and I are both valiantly trying to pursue career goals and it’s been freaking hard. One obstacle after another and there are no signs of things getting easier any time soon.

And today, I had to leave work early because my son threw up at preschool.  For some reason, that was the last straw for me.  I want to cry and eat…and not necessarily in that order.

And then I remembered the game if “I Spy”.

A few weeks ago, while on a coffee date with a dear friend of mine, we were approached by a married couple, both of whom where teachers of mine at various points in my youth. Their son had recently died from a head injury.  We exchanged pleasantries for a bit and then Mrs. “B” shared with me something she learned from a church retreat years ago.

Remember the game, “I Spy”?  “I spy with my little eye something that’s…” and the other person has to guess what you’re looking at.  Mrs. B says her pastor challenged his congregation to have “I Spy” moments and look for God’s presence on a daily basis.

The rest of the conversation was beautiful, sorrowful, and faith-filled but out of respect to my beloved teachers, I’ll keep the rest of the conversation to myself.  But the “I Spy God” moments is too compelling not to share.

If Mrs. B can see God on a daily basis in her life, than so can I.  So here are some of my “I Spy God” moments this week:

  • My marriage is rock solid. I love Rick very much. There’s no one else I want to do life with.
  • My kids are healthy…or at least they will be. I’m sure Ben’s bug is a 24 hour thing.
  • God provided a means for the furnace.
  • A friend just literally called me with an offer to borrow her car until mine is fixed.
  • Both Jacob and Josh have decided to get baptized next weekend.
  • Rick makes me laugh every single day.
  • I have friends who will listen to me gripe, let me cry on their shoulder, make me laugh, pray for me and they’ll do the same with me.

Life is still challenging, hard and sometimes just really unfair but God is still there…I just have to choose to look.

I challenge you to do the same.  And then let me know where you spotted Him with your little eye.

5 thoughts on “I Spy Moments

  1. I always hate the “when it rains it pours” times. I have learned to look for the God plan through those bumpy times. Over the years (44 this October), Terry and I have lived and sometimes barely existed through some of those times. I can look back and know the Lord truly provided for us even when we weren’t being faithful. He was always faithful. Sorry you and your family are experiencing tough times but I know your faith will carry you though it.

    • Karen,

      You’re one of those examples I look to in tough times. I know you and Terry have been through some really rough spots and you’ve come through it with faith, integrity, a servant’s heart and good humor.

  2. I love your honesty here. When life is overwhelming, I’m so thankful for Jesus’ peace…when I choose to embrace it. I’ve had my own time of heartache over the past few months, and it’s made me very acutely aware of the fact that some days I have to choose to find the joy that Jesus has for me. So thankful for His patience with me! Loving you from miles away, and praying for this time for your family.

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