Lessons Learned

Shouldn’t I be learning something during this time?

I’m laid up in a chair until Monday with nothing to do but think.

I don’t believe that God caused our furnace to die, our car accident or my broken leg.  But I do believe that when life hands you lemons, examine them for worms.

And that’s what I’m doing. Examining my life for the worms and aphids that need to be squished.  I think there are always lessons to learn in any situation, especially the bad ones.

So what have I learned so far:

  • To use the stupid wheelchair when someone offers it
  • To use a shower chair when someone offers it
  • To ask Rick to help me pull up my pants when I need it
  • To stop checking my work email. Pretty sure that the place will function just fine without me…but what if they realize that they can function without me and decide that my position isn’t needed anymore? I can’t go on job interviews in cast! How are we going to pay our bills?  School registration is in two weeks and that’s always expensive plus not to mention school supplies and all three of the boys need hair cuts and…

Pride and worry.

Work on pride and worry issues.

Got it.


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