I Spy Moments-Part 2

Because I need to remember…I Spy God…

  • I don’t need surgery
  • I have vacation time accrued to use if I need it
  • I don’t need surgery (that’s worthy of mentioning twice, don’t you think?)
  • I’m learning to ask for help (thank you, Mom and Jacob’s friend’s mom)
  • I married a man who’s mother raised him right. He’s taking great care of me.
  • Facebook emails from friends who understand the mental battle that’s being waged right now.
  • “Some” spiritual maturity to recognize the feelings of guilt I have about getting hurt and having to ask for help are just quite simply lies.
  • My kids know how to do laundry, load a dishwasher and clean a bathroom
  • This happened during the summer, not during the school year.
  • This didn’t happen in the winter months.
  • I didn’t break an arm, land in broken glass or suffer a head injury
  • The utility man saw me fall so I wasn’t stuck in the parking lot for two hours until people took their lunch breaks.
  • The air conditioner works.
  • Rick’s summer class will be over next week and the fall semester will most likely start after my cast is off.
  • I have friends who I can show the “mess” to and they love me anyway.

Tell me where you are spying God these days.  I really want to know.

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