Be Careful About Letting Blaine Hogan In Your Head

I signed up to review “Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process” by Blaine Hogan because:

  • It’s about the creative process.
  • A review meant I could read the book for free. And I do enjoy free books.
  • Hogan is the Creative Arts Director at Willow Creek Community Church….my former employer/church.  It’s a place very dear to me.
  • I needed help and naively thought that “Untitled” would contain the “easy fix”  I’ve been looking for to propel me forward again.

Blaine Hogan got inside my head and started digging.  He managed to unearth fears that I buried plus beliefs I didn’t realize were there.

This has not been a fun read for me.

Quite frankly having someone hold a mirror up to you and force you to do some self-examination sucks.

I’ve had to ask myself some hard questions:

Am I willing to do the work?

Am I willing to face the criticism?

Am I willing to accept failure?

I’ve hard to deal with some realities:

No one cares about your ideas or how great a pitch-person you are if you can’t execute your vision. 

Never, ever, undersell something so that you can over deliver. That is what scaredy cats do.

There is no magic pill. Just plain old “unsexy” work.

Creativity and disorganization are not badges of honor.

Awkwardness creates pace for us to transform into better versions of ourselves if we let it.

Eccentricity is not necessarily the mark of a true artist.

You don’t learn from your mistakes. You learn by REFLECTING on your experiences.

Content must come before medium.

Don’t set out to prove a point. Set out to tell a great story.

It’s a hard read emotionally, but it’s wonderful. I have three pages of notes to prove it.

If you create, if you want to create, if you’re afraid to create…read “Untitled” but a word of warning, Blaine Hogan will get in your head.

He got in mine.

I’m so glad I read this book.

I received “Untitled” for free in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a favorable review.

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