Behind The Scenes

It’s been 7 long weeks.

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The cast came off on Tuesday.  My leg is hairy, flaky, saggy, dry and mottled.  The muscle tone is gone and it aches.  It’s disgusting actually.

I now have three weeks in a boot.  The situation is disappointing but as friends keep pointing out, and rightfully so, it’s an improvement. No more crutches. I can drive. I can shower standing up and I can take the boot off to sleep.

But I’m impatient and frustrated. I’m ready to move on, literally, and I can’t.

And so I wait. Reminding myself that although the outer exterior shows no indication of…well ANYTHING, healing is going on. Deep inside, my fibula is healing and hard bone is developing.  Many changes are happening.  I just can’t see any of them.

I’m trying to draw a parallel with this and another predicament that Rick and I find ourselves in. We’re working hard, praying and doing what we can to change things. But nothing is happening.  It’s frustrating and some days it’s very depressing.

I know that God is aware (we talked to Him about it several times a day).  I have to believe that behind the scenes He’s working. Changes are happening. I just can’t see any of them yet.

So just like my leg, we wait.

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