Do You Get Excited?

Andy Warhol says the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.

I think that might be true if you’re a child waiting for Christmas, or it’s your wedding night.  But I can’t say that with all the things I’m waiting for that “excited” is an emotion I’m feeling.

In any given moment, I’m:

  • scared
  • REALLY scared
  • depressed
  • worried
  • doubtful

Three potentially life changing situations have me hanging in the balance now and although they are all positive, I’m not excited about them.  I even WANT them to occur, but I have no joy or enthusiasm for them.

What I do have is a running narrative of questions running through my head.

If this happens, then what do we do about THAT?

How are we going to handle this, that, and those?

Can we afford to do that?

All of these situations are completely and totally out of my control and I think that’s the key to my lack of enthusiasm. I’m the kind of person who has back-up plans for my back-up plans.  I can’t do that here. What’s called for in all of these situations is stepping out in faith.  For someone who likes to have multiple safety nets, this ain’t easy.

But no one every promised it would be easy.

Help me out here.  What are you excited about these days? How do you focus on the positives and not the “what if’s”?

10 thoughts on “Do You Get Excited?

  1. I can’t say I can help you here. I am the same way. I am always either, excited, worried, depressed or sleeping. All I can say is those times when it is all on God is those are my best times when I do have to take a “time-out” and really pray and focus on trying to give it all to God and let Him do His thang. Those are usually my best “faith” moments.

  2. Without God-sized faith, you never get God-sized results. But when we take control and have woman-sized faith (or man-sized) we get woman-sized (or man sized) results.

    I hear you though Vikki. I too have some exciting things going on right now that also are very scary, because I am not in control!

  3. I have always hated not being in control. This faith journey I am on is difficult because of the control issues. I’m worry, get anxiety and even depression. Then I get lectures from Terry about turning it over to God. Sometimes Terry questions me about why I bother going to church if I am going to ignore what I learn. When things are going right and I get excited about anything, I find myself borrowing problems and waiting for the other shoe to fall.

  4. I think more women have this problem. It’s the oinborn nature. We are always taking care of someone or something and see it as a fault in ourselves if things don’t work out. None of us want that fault exposed so worries are perpetuated. The monster grows and we tend to blow it out of proportion. When I finally dawns on me to pray about it, it’s huge. Not too big for God, of course. But I am crushed by its weight. I pray. It helps; but then, I feel guilty taking problem after problem to the alter because of overwhelming feelings and forgetting to thank God for blessings.

  5. Hadn’t thought of that; but yes, it’s probably pride. We all have many faces and we know the perfect one is the one we want everyone to see. I spent most of my adult life trying to be perfect. Perfect life. Perfect college grades. Perfect family. Of course, I took credit for all of it. God did give me the ability, after all. God chose to knock the wind out of my sails and humble me about 5.5 yrs ago. Yet, my reputation with family and friends remains from my previous life. I try no to argue from the know -it-all stance but they try to force me to. Another thing I pray about.

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