Brave or Stupid?

Today I was either brave or a fool.  Time will tell.


The future is wildly uncertain right and I’m riding the roller coaster of being at peace one moment and feeling sick the next.

To cope I’m praying a lot, leaning on the support of friends and reading Joshua 3.

In the third chapter of Joshua, the Israelites need to cross the Jordan River which happens is at the height of flood stage.  The Israelites crossed the Red Sea before but this time was a little different.  This time, they had to move forward and get their feet wet before God parted the waters.

I’m wondering if I’m in a similar situation now.

I ALWAYS make a Plan B, C, AND D before I make a move.  Not this time.  This time I don’t have my self-made safety net.

This might be a Jordan River moment.  God may be asking me to move forward and do something that doesn’t make sense; to take a step of faith.

I hope that’s the case otherwise I’ve really screwed up.

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