What Kind Of Mother Am I?

I’m the kind of mother who:

  • introduced her sons to “Weird” Al
  • …and Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • …and Monty Python’s Holy Grail
  • …and “Weird” Al’s UHF
  • teaches her kids to survey the room when they enter it to see what’s going on before they start talking.
  • is hoping that they try to be interested instead of interesting
  • lets her kids see all of her flaws. Adults ain’t perfect.
  • insists her kids learn how to cook and clean. To their future wives may I just say….I tried.  I really tried.
  • trying to teach them to turn everything over to God
  • …and know that their mother doesn’t have this down yet either.
  • insists that they NEVER use the phrase “…like a girl” at any time. (throw like a girl, cry like  a girl). Being a girl is not insulting.
  • pay attention to the females in their life. They have thoughts and opinions that are just as valid.
  • threatens them with physical affection and verbal affirmation when they get too big for their britches.  Yelling “I love you, sweetie!” in front of their friends snaps them right back in line.
  • points them to their dad if they want a real life example of how to be a man
  • learns how to apologize to her kids when she messes up

What kind of mother are you?

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