The Mighty Mac’s

It’s 1971 and Women’s Lib is mounting.

Cathy Rush has just been hired to coach the basketball team at Immaculata’s female college.  Her husband, Ed, is referee for the NBA and isn’t too thrilled with her decision to postpone having a family and work outside the home. The team has a depressing record. The gym burned down. The college owns one basketball and the school’s Board of Directors is facing declining registrations and mounting debt. And let’s not even get started on the players who are going to college for their Mrs. or have to hide the fact they’re attending college from their fathers.

The Mighty Mac’s is based on a true story of the 1972 NCAA Champions of Immaculata.

This movie isn’t really about equal rights, women’s liberation or girl power. Cathy Rush has never coached before but that doesn’t phase her. Landing this job and coaching a team is a dream come true and throughout the movie, she pushes her players to dare to dream.

Marriage is somewhat realistically portrayed.  Ed and Cathy strive to work past their differences to support each other.  Faith is central throughout the film as well.

There’s an attempt at tension between the Mother Superior and Cathy but it isn’t played to the full effect it could have been.  All of the conflicts are either resolved very quickly or shown at their satisfying conclusion with absolutely no hint at how the characters arrived there.  I’m assuming it’s a challenge to make a movie that’s based on a real life story, but within the first few moments, one knows how the film will end…a happy ending for everybody.  As my husband put it, this movie was attempting to be “Hoosiers” but came up short.

It’s well acted and beautifully filmed but more of an effort could have been made to play up the drama and conflict.

The Mighty Mac’s is rated G.

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