The Power of Dental Floss

I quit my full-time job about six weeks ago and work from home part-time. Nothing has been easy during this transition and with the inevitable life examination that occurs with the start of a new year, I have to acknowledge that most of the difficulty and disappointments are due to: unrealistic expectations and laziness.

I had big plans.

  • Writing every day (being a fulfilled woman)
  • Filling the cookie jar with baked goods that I made and keep the house clean. (being a fulfilled, perfect woman)
  • Exercising every day (being a fulfilled, perfect thin woman)
  • Daily Bible reading, study, prayer and journal writing (being a fulfilled, perfect, thin, spiritual woman)
  • Extended play time with my five-year old (being a fulfilled, perfect, thin, spiritual woman and mom)
  • Earn a living from my home office. (being a fulfilled, perfect, thin, spiritual woman and mom who is an entrepreneur)

I accomplished filling the cookie jar, earning a living from home, kind of keeping the house clean and watching a lot of Netflix.

The list I made of things I was FINALLY going to get to do was too overwhelming. I couldn’t figure out how to get started, doubted I could accomplish anything; so I did nothing. So for the whole month of December, I started believing the negative self-talk that I was a big, fat loser.

And I grew more unhappy.

Then I noticed that the blogs I read on a daily basis started posting about NOT making resolutions for the new year.  Instead of resolutions which NOBODY keeps, teach yourself new habits. Discipline begets discipline.

Interesting thought.

New habits…what’s something manageable and realistic I can start with?

Flossing. My dentist has been after me for years to floss on a regular basis.

It takes a minute and is easily achievable.

The plaque on my teeth reminded me that I’ve been postponing cleaning my oven, so…I cleaned my oven…and my kitchen cabinets…and reorganized them.

My mental attitude started improving with just a few changes so I decided to ramp it up a bit. While I baked cookies, I’ve been teaching Ben how to write words and numbers. And then we went to the library for a whole tote bag full of books.

Now I’ve been thinking about further aspects of my health. My teeth look and feel great; it would be nice if the rest of me felt that way too. Yesterday, I dusted off my iPod Shuffle and my tennis shoes (literally) and took a walk…and my husband offered to come with me.

I’m far from accomplishing the big things I had on my list, but I think they will come in time. Discipline begets discipline.

All because I decided to floss.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Dental Floss

  1. It is a matter of one step at a time…it builds confidence and leads to “more”….satan is the one who helps you make excuses in your head. I just got off my exercise bike, but it took me hours to get UP out of my warm comfortable chair and just get ON it….take the first step…the rest follows. Thanks Vicki for that encouragement and affirmation.

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