Praying More and Criticizing Less

I’ve often been accused of holding people to too high of a standard. Usually that’s followed up with an apologetic smile and a caveat of  “But as Christians, we SHOULD be held to a higher standard.”

But somehow it feels like a character flaw…holding people to too high of a standard.

Sunday afternoon was a great teaching moment for that. I was highly irritated with my husband for not keeping a promise he made.

It wasn’t a big promise.

If I had reminded him, he would have immediately dropped what he was doing and kept the promise.

But I chose to stay silent and inwardly stew. Because I shouldn’t have to remind him. I keep my word. Why can’t he?

I did mention that the promise wasn’t a BIG one, didn’t I?

Usually when I have a beef with the hubby I speak up. But this time I didn’t. I couldn’t figure out how to do it without sounding like a teacher, a nag, or his mother (For the record, I love his mother. I just don’t believe a wife should play that role in her husband’s life).

So for the first time ever…I decided to be quiet until I could figure out what to do.

I sat at my desk and stewed.  Then I calmed down.  Then I prayed for wisdom and patience.

Then I got an answer to my prayer.

Why aren’t you praying for Rick?


Why aren’t I praying for my husband? The guy works two jobs, volunteers at church, keeps the vehicles running, pays the bills and is gearing up for his next semester of Master’s classes and if that wasn’t enough, he just spent every night this past week and all day Saturday working on the plumbing in our laundry room. The man works an awful lot.

So I prayed for him.  I didn’t pray for God to fix him. I prayed for God to give him the energy he needs for all of the “have to’s” on his list. I prayed for him to stay healthy. I prayed for opportunities for him to take care of himself and to spend time with our boys. I prayed that when challenges came his way, that God would provide Rick with the wisdom he needs.

What was I mad about?

2 thoughts on “Praying More and Criticizing Less

  1. Thanks for the incite. Initially thought you might be talking about Terry and me. Must be lots of us with the same issues. Thanks for the new perspective also

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