Finish Year Update…or as I like to call it “Put Up or Shut Up”

As 2011 drew to a close, Jon Acuff challenged his readers to make 2012 the Year of the Finish. Readers were challenged to make a list of things that they wanted to complete this year and make them public either via blog post, Facebook, Jon’s website or Twitter.

Being the sheep that I am, I listed five things I wanted to finish this year and blogged about it here.  Then today I realized that I have a huge tendency to say I’m going to do something, start off strong, enjoy a small amount of success and…quit.

I know. It’s idiocy but I’m working on it.

I’m turning 40 this year and I’d really like to be able to cross some things off of my list.  40 seems to be a major milestone for whatever reason and I’d like to move into this next decade with less baggage and more accomplishments, if you will.

So without further ado, here’s an update on where I am for Finish Year.

  1. Lose 8 pounds a month. UPDATE: I should have weighed myself at the beginning of the year to know exactly what I’ve lost.  I can’t say that I’ve lost 8 pounds per month BUT I can say that I’ve lost 16 pounds since October. I would love to lose 5 more pounds by March 1 to achieve a personal milestone. My clothes are getting loser!
  2. Run the Bix race in July. UPDATE: I don’t know why I listed this as my goal. I really don’t want to do it.
  3. Blog twice a week on a regular basis. UPDATE: I’ve pretty much kept this goal. Recently, I had the opportunity for a published author to review my blog and give me feedback. He suggested blogging more often.  So that goal is going to change to blogging four times a week.
  4. Pay off our car. UPDATE: As soon as Uncle Sam  ponies up the refund he owes, this goal will be achieved.  I have never been so excited as I am with this goal. This will signify being one step closer to financial freedom.
  5. Have the first draft of my novel completed. UPDATE: Haven’t even attempted this for a couple of reasons. It’s next to impossible to achieve this goal with a five year old home with me during the day but the bigger reason is, I’m afraid. I’m not afraid that I can do it. I think that with a massive amount of work and time, this goal is achievable. It’s just that the idea I have for a book…it’s going to force me to go to places I don’t want to go.

So if I’m smart, I guess I need to rededicate myself to Finish Year and once again, declare in public how I’m going to finish 2012 strong.

Newly Revised and Updated…Finish Year 2012

  1. Lose 8 pounds a month by regular exercise (Pilates on Netflix) and daily logging in to My Fitness Pal for track weigh, diet and exercise.
  2. Run the Bix race in July.
  3. Blog four times a week.
  4. Pay off our car. (Waiting on you, Uncle Sam!)
  5. Have the first draft of my novel completed. This scares the snot out of me, but I’ll start incorporating what Jon Acuff calls “the selfishness of 5 a.m.” to get up before the rest of the household does to start working on this dream.

And now that it’s “out there”, I guess it’s put up or shut up time.

Did you set goals for yourself in 2012? Where are you at in achieving them?

2 thoughts on “Finish Year Update…or as I like to call it “Put Up or Shut Up”

  1. Your new blog design looks really nice! I love goal-update posts and I’m super-excited for you.
    Good job with #1 & #4, good luck with #3 and #5, and regarding #2….? I say GO FOR IT! You don’t have to run the whole time, you’ll probably meet some really cool people, and it’s going to be a blast! Don’t cross it off your list just yet, anyway. 🙂

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