Dear March (A Letter to My Nemesis Month)

Dear March:

You’re a clever one.


Very clever.

For several years, I’ve set goals and made plans in January and have enjoyed success for 8-9 weeks and then…


Some years I didn’t care. Some years I cared an awful lot and thought it was me. Maybe I wasn’t capable of achieving my goal…or any goal for that matter. Maybe I was weak. Maybe I set the bar to high. Maybe I’m just a loser.

But now I know what it is.

It’s you, March.

Every year when it’s your turn on the calendar, you usurp me. You make me believe that the past two months have been a waste of my time and efforts. You, who make it seems like Winter will never end, want me to fail.

I can’t believe I didn’t see it until now.

I was a fool. You managed to trick me for your first four days, but no longer.  Spring and Summer are coming, March which means the light at the end of a long tunnel.

I will succeed.


2 thoughts on “Dear March (A Letter to My Nemesis Month)

  1. March has always been one of my favorite months. Probably because it’s my birth month. 🙂 March marks the return of spring, even if it doesn’t feel like it. But your post left me thinking about two things–probably completely unrelated.

    The first thing…I recal hearing about some people who deliberately wait until March in order to make and start their new resolutions. So they begin as many are quitting. I have wondered if these folks quit or fade out when May rolls around. If you know anybody who does this, you should ask them.

    The second thing is in the name. It’s March. March is a month. It can also be an action. Who marches? Soldiers. And why? Why do they march? They don’t stay in that formation during actual combat, at least not anymore. So what is the purpose for the march?

    The march is designed to bring discipline. You have to stay in step with the others in the unit. You move at the same pace, whether it is fast or slow. You stay together. You work together. So when the time for real warfare comes you will be prepared. You are prepared to work as a unit. And though the action is no longer marching, you have the self discipline to stay in step with the rest of the team.

    It seems like this might be a fitting name for this season. Self-discipline is getting challenged. The real war may yet lie ahead. Stay in step with the One who leads us through this month. Who knows, maybe this will become one of your favorite months too.

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