Uncharted Territory

For the first time in my life, I know where I want to go, I have a plan on how to get there and I’m actually doing it.

But I’m freaking out.

Back in January when I wrote this post, I had high hopes for myself.  I WOULD change this year. I WOULD accomplish my goals.  I meant what I said in January, but deep down I harbored some pretty serious doubts.  I was firm in my resolve to try, but I didn’t completely believe that I could actually be successful.


There have been a lot of trips, stumbles and flat out crashes so far. Usually, I always take those things as a sign that I don’t have what it takes and quit.  But encouragement has come from unexpected sources. Friends have emailed me out of the blue to offer words of wisdom and give me a proverbial kick in the butt.

So here I stand three months later, 20 pounds lighter (the most weight I’ve ever lost to date). The budget is looking good. Rick and I are making slow but steady process to our goal of financial freedom.  And now I have a writing project for an actual BOOK to start working on with someone else.

I’m in uncharted territory right now and it frightens me just a bit.  Dare I hope that I’m on my way to the life I’ve always dreamed of?

The only way I know how to combat this comes from one of my favorite animated movies, “Meet The Robinsons”.

I realize that I’m going to fail many more times before and after I reach my goals. That doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It just means that I’m human.

Do you quit at the first sign of trouble? How do you combat it?

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