Great, Kid! Don’t Get Cocky.

To date I have lost 26 pounds.  I still have 54 pounds left to go but I’m feeling great.

I’m excited that I’ve stuck with this longer than three months, I love it when people notice the weight loss and make a positive comment and I’m THRILLED that I can walk into plenty of stores and find clothes that will fit me.  I even purged all of these clothes out of my closet because they are officially too big.

I’m getting a little cocky, though, and feeling unstoppable. My calorie log in’s at My Fitness Pal are incomplete, ice cream is starting to become a one a day habit instead of one a week, and now that I can find clothes at Target that fit me, I’m catching myself thinking that what I’ve accomplished so far is good enough. My weight begins with a 1 now instead of a 2 so it won’t matter if I change that second number from a 9 to a 4.  Hey, I’m not as bad as I used to be!

But I’m not as great as I could be.

Five months into this journey and it’s a little unnerving that I have to be constantly on guard and war with my mind.  It’s difficult already battling my body into functioning as it should and now it’s obvious that I’ve got to whip my mind into shape as well.

I don’t have any solutions or words of wisdom about this, my friend.  All I know is I’m not at the finish line yet and I can’t get comfortable.


4 thoughts on “Great, Kid! Don’t Get Cocky.

  1. You need a new goal…something cooler than just being thin. You want to be able to say something like “I rode 20 miles on my bike yesterday without even noticing”, or “no, I don’t think I would like to pose for your girlie magazine, but I totally appreciate the offer.”

  2. Give yourself small rewards for every 10 pounds lost until you reach your ultimate goal weight. Maybe pedicures at every 10 pounds and a full body massage at your final goal.

  3. Demming once said, “That which is measured improves.” I used that to lose 80 pounds back in 2004 by recording all I ate. More recently, I’ve been eating “Paleo”, hoping that would be enough to maintain the lower weight, and measuring only my daily weight, but had less success than expected until last week, when I went back to recording everything I eat again. The Livestrong My Plate iPhone app makes doing so very easy.

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