Where We Are

We had our family pictures taken last month.

My initial thoughts were:

  • I’m glad I lost some weight before we did this.
  • Rick looks hot.
  • I love Josh’s hat.
  • My goodness, when did Jacob get so handsome?
  • Ben has had a growth spurt.

The pictures have been framed and are hanging on the wall and now other thoughts are generating.  I think this picture demonstrates where we are as a family.

Jacob is kneeling on one knee. He looks like he can spring into action at any moment. And that’s where he’s at in life right now. Almost ready to stand on his own two feet and leave us for wherever life takes him.

Josh is on both knees. Not ready to test his sea legs and leave, but testing the water. Pulling away from us a bit, but not so far that he can’t get back to us in a hurry.

Ben is right next to Mom and Dad. Exactly where he needs to be.

Rick and I…we’re leaning on each other. Just like we’ve done for the past 18 years.

I have a friend who gets irritated with me when I do this and asks, “Why can’t a picture just be a picture?”

Because sometimes it’s not just a picture.

One thought on “Where We Are

  1. Vikki, you have always seen more in the world around you than most…I’m not surprised at all that you have been able to see deeper into this picture…I wish I could see deeper into things than just what appears to be on the surface…keep being you! 🙂

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