Is It Worth It?

I started writing this post around 9 pm last night. It was the end of a VERY long day and I finally had a chance to sit down and gather my thoughts.

It wasn’t a great day and I decided to drink my feelings via bottled Starbucks frappuccinos.

The bottom line is that I’m tired.

I’m tired of being a single parent while my husband works two jobs and goes to school.

I’m tired of my husband not being home and when he is home, he’s not “home” because he’s either studying or working.

I’m tired of driving to band practices, football practices, band performances, and football games…by myself.

I’m tired of 9 months of calorie counting and mindless exercise and not seeing much progress.

I’m tired of clawing our way out of credit card debt and not seeing much progress.

It’s not worth it.


Do you get like this? When your tank is empty and you’ve got nothing left to give, do you tell yourself it’s not worth it?

When your mind starts heading down that road, I think you have to ask yourself “well if this isn’t worth it, what is?”

I started making a mental list last night and I realized that everything in my life that I deem worthy didn’t come easy.

My three boys…that’s an obvious one. Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are all tough, painful and exhausting.

But my sons are worth it.

My marriage…this was a really rough one. I didn’t date a lot but when I met Rick, I KNEW the moment I saw him that he was the one. So what was tough? We dated for 3 years before we got married. I lived in Illinois and Rick was a Marine stationed in North Carolina. We saw each other in person two times a year.

It was a long engagement and I thought our wedding day would never arrive. This November we will be celebrating 18 years together. The three-year struggle of rarely being together….totally worth it.

I stopped making my list at that point. There was no reason to continue as the lesson is clear. 

Anything worth having in life is worth the struggle. 

This realization doesn’t lighten my overwhelming schedule or to do list but it does take the knots out of my neck and boost my spirit.

Anything worth having in life is worth the struggle. 

To my husband who is working so very hard…I see you. I see how hard you work.  I love you and appreciate you more than words can express. I point our sons to look at you as an example of the kind of man they should aspire to. You are our hero. It’s worth it. 

To my two friends who are moms, working part-time and going to school…I’m very proud of you. I can’t imagine how hard it is. I love that neither one of you let obstacles stop you from working on achieving your goals and still being rock star moms. I love having you as friends. It’s worth it. 

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