Go On…The TV Show That Reminds Me of Church

Have you watched the new Matthew Perry show “Go On”?

Perry plays Ryan King, a radio sportscaster whose wife died in a car accident. His employer requires him to go through group therapy before he comes back to work. The group meets at a local community center and as you can imagine, since this is a sit-com, its members are odd. Every person in the group is going through “something”: blindness, brother in a coma, parents divorcing, death of a spouse, etc. There’s even a man who frightens everyone just enough that they are too afraid to ask him why he’s there.

These people shouldn’t be friends; they have absolutely nothing in common.

Except their pain. They’re united because they are all learning to work through and learn to live in spite of loss.

This show reminds me of church experiences I’ve had and long to have again. I’ve been a regular church “goer” and Christian since 1998. During that time, I’ve been a member of two churches and at both places I have met people I NEVER would have chosen as friends but through common experiences whether it was serving in the same location or taking a class together, I made friends. Had I not met these people, I would have missed out on something very special.

“Go On” demonstrates to me what church is and should be.  A place for people from all walks of life to learn to do life together and love each other. As I watched last night’s episode and saw the group show up during Ryan’s biggest moment of need, I thought that’s the most wonderful community group (church speak for Bible study group) I have ever seen.

I hope to have experiences like that again but more importantly, I hope I can be that to someone else.

2 thoughts on “Go On…The TV Show That Reminds Me of Church

  1. Last night was the only one I have seen. I didn’t make the same connection to small groups, but you are right. That kind of community is very church like and somewhat lost in the suburban world I live in outside of church. The closest alternative (that isn’t nearly as good) is the community park. Extroverted parents always want to talk walk watching their kids. My introverted self never does. But I oblige.

    • We’ve been watching it (just have to watch a new comedy!) and it’s pretty funny. But I do like your correlation to small groups. That’s totally how I want my church friends to be with me…show up when I need them, whether I know they are coming or not.
      We all need to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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