CD Giveaway! Kyle Sherman “Hear Me”

I’ve been sitting on this album for a few weeks, waiting for the time to listen to it without being interrupted by my wonderful tax deductions. Today was the day.

I feel a little odd reviewing music. I’m not a musician or a vocalist. I either like the music or I don’t. It’s like that old saying, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.” 

I like this CD.

Kyle Sherman is a singer-songwriter originally from Texas.”Hear Me” is a blend of contemporary country, gospel and Memphis blues.  His voice is very appealing to the ear and the lyrics, while simple, are not trite. The blend of the instruments and his vocals are so crisp and produced very well.

In an era where lyrics are often meaningless or tracks are overproduced, “Hear Me’ is a breath of fresh air.

I’m very happy to say that I have TWO CDs to giveaway thanks to the wonderful folks at Propeller Marketing.  To enter, here’s what I need you to do:

1. I’m a bit needy so I need you to “like” my Facebook page.

2. Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite song is to listen to after a rough day.

3. Subscribe to this blog. (There’s that needy thing again!)

I have two CDS to giveaway and will drop a name from random out of my son’s Captain America hat. A winner will be announced on Monday, October 15th.

I received a review copy of this CD from Propeller Marketing in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a favorable review. 

2 thoughts on “CD Giveaway! Kyle Sherman “Hear Me”

  1. Vikki – A song that always speaks to me after a rough day, or any day for that matter, is ‘Rescue’ by Jared Anderson. A great reminder to me that He is my source of life and I need Him!

    You are the source of life
    I can’t be left behind
    No one else will do
    I will take hold of You

    I need You Jesus to come to my rescue
    Where else can I go?
    There’s no other name by which I am saved
    Capture me with grace
    I will follow You

  2. I like you on FB. (Amy M)
    I love listening to praise and worship music after a trying day. One of my favourite songs is “As the Deer”.
    I subscribed to your blog via WordPress.

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