New Year…New List

Last year, I got on the Twitter bandwagon and joined the Finish Year movement. I created a list of 5 things I wanted to accomplish in 2012. I completed 2 of them, made serious progress on the first item on the list and didn’t make a dent in the other two. In the past, I would have considered myself a failure and given up.

But 2012 was the most productive year I’ve ever had. I don’t consider myself a failure. I’m pretty thrilled that I can look back over the last year and state with confidence that I didn’t waste the time I had.

Making a list, keeping it in front of me and posting it publicly worked for me so I’m going to do it again. Once again, I’m following the lead from one of my favorite bloggers and breaking my list down into categories.


So without further ado, here is Finish Year 2013:

Financial: On or under the grocery budget every week. I still subscribe to Emeals and we switched our meal plan to Aldi. Since I made this switch, I’m noticing a dramatic difference in our weekly bill. I eased into this by not buying everything there but now I feel confident that we’ll get the majority of our groceries there.

Physical: Lose the remaining 50 pounds through diet and hitting the gym 4 days a week during the winter months. Once Spring hits, I’ll cancel the gym membership and head back to the local bike paths. The Big Hairy Audacious Goal that’s tied to this will be running The Bix in July.

Mental: Continuous progress in my college courses. Always enrolled in at least two classes. I will finish my mini-mester class tomorrow and I’m enrolled in two classes for the Spring semester. I’m hoping to increase this after my husband graduates in May. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to factor in writing yet.

Career: Better planning ahead for both of my clients in order to better anticipate their needs.

Family: Teach Jacob and Josh to cook. They know a bit but they should know a lot more…plus I need to rely on them more since college is on my plate. Teach Ben his address and phone number. I really should have done this one before he started Kindergarten.

Spiritual: This one is tough. What I really want to change in this area, I can’t as the situation is completely out of my hands. Since I’m still experiencing “Silent Sundays”, I’m truly at a loss here. The only thing I can come up with is committing to daily Scripture reading and prayer.

Social: Also a tough one.  I’m pretty isolated most of the time and usually prefer it that way. I’m in a people suck kind of phase right now. Since I’ll be heading to classes, I’m going to make an effort to meet new people and strike up conversations with my classmates.

I know most people decide that making resolutions don’t work and I would tend to agree but posting a  list and keeping it in front of me every day went a long way towards the successes I did experience; successes I don’t think I would have achieved otherwise.

So here we are, a new year and a new list.

Wish me luck!

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