Holy is the Day: Living in the Gift of the Present

Holy is the Day

I was first introduced to Carolyn Weber through her first book, a spiritual memoir entitled Surprised by Oxford. This book chronicled Weber’s surprising conversion to Christianity while a student at Oxford. I loved this book so much…and I don’t particularly care for spiritual memoirs. I tend to find many of them  self-indulgent and whiny.

But not Carolyn Weber.

Weber has a gift with words. She paints beautiful images on the page. I fell in love with her writing and became a bit envious of what I assumed her life was like. The author is a beautiful blonde, attended Oxford, found romance and became a college professor and a published author.

Then I read Holy is the Day and find I have quite a bit in common with Ms. Weber. She’s a wife and mother. She works outside the home. She has broken relationships in her life she aches to heal. Rough patches and bad things happen. Terrifying events occur. I created a fantasy version of Carolyn Weber that “Holy is the Day” proved false. Carolyn Weber has struggles and painful moments like the rest of us. She shows the reader it is hard to find God in the mundane moments and in the dire situations.

Weber writes with an achingly beautiful voice as she recounts being willing to ask (and accept) help, learning how beautiful authentic community is and finding the presence of God in a hospital delivery room when her life and the life of one of her unborn twins was at stake; and experiencing God while being surrounded by cranky children and mountains of laundry.

“Holy is the Day” will be available in October. I whole-heartedly recommend this book as well as “Surprised by Oxford”. As my friend over at Bookwi.se expresses, this author is not necessarily well-known. She doesn’t appear to have a large popularity, she does not pack arenas at speaking events, but I dare say that she has a talent for words that few people possess.

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