Another Post on New Year’s Resolutions

Like millions of Americans, I’ve made resolutions on January 1st. And like the millions of Americans, I’ve failed spectacularly at most of my past resolutions–although there was one year when I lost 40 pounds…but then I put it all back on again when I started college classes the following year.

I tend to be an all or nothing kind of gal.

I can’t focus on my weight because I need to focus on my GPA! 

In December of last year, I noticed quite a few people in my world discussing their “word” for 2017. Instead of choosing a behavior to correct or eliminate, choosing a word for the year is supposed to help individuals narrow their focus; a theme to govern your year.

It’s an interesting an idea and  I decided to do the same.

After much thought, my word for the year is “faithfulness”.

Faithfulness encompasses many areas for me such as my relationship with God or taking better care of myself. I’m sure the argument can be made that choosing a word for the year is just a resolution by a different name but I would counter a mindset change occurs with a theme word.

Instead of “I must power walk for 30 minutes today, log my food, not drink any coffee and eat two servings of kale”, I now think “do you really want the bottled Frappuccino in the fridge or can you treat yourself better?” “Have you spent some time with God today” instead of “I have to read 6 chapters of Numbers to get back on track with my Bible reading plan…ugh, I’m so behind!”

We’re barely into 2017 so I can’t say this is a resounding success but I will say that filtering my decisions through “faithfulness” has yielded results beyond what mere will power has in the past.


Are you a resolution maker? A word of the year chooser? A “why bother” person? What’s your method for making life changes?


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