Hey there and welcome to my blog!

Just a couple of things about me:

  • I’m probably the world’s oldest Doctor Who fan girl.
  • Married for 19 years and a mother to three hooligans who make me laugh and shake my head daily.
  • Work part-time as a virtual assistant.
  • Part-time college student working on my Bachelor’s degree in English.
  • I’ve also been a contributor at  the Quad City Moms Blog.

©bearfoot 31

I love books, movies and believe strongly in the power of story to affect someone’s life for the better. I write about the books I read and trying to figure out what this faith thing means.

Need to send me an email? 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Sorry to leave this message here but I couldn’t find your contact information elsewhere. We see you previously reviewed Carolyn Weber’s “Surprised by Oxford.” If you’re interested in reading and reviewing an advance copy of her next book “Holy is the Day”, please write me. Thanks!

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